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Selecting a WordPress ECommerce Plugin for an offline Business

Selling online has become a straightforward procedure for these of us promoting digital products.

Typically, the 2 largest problems included are automated product shipping and download protection.

If you're using WordPress for your website, there are many free and paid options. While the particulars can vary greatly, in most instances you'll have an assortment of choices.
But If you're selling physical products that necessitate transportation in any sort, nicely, the scenario becomes more difficult.

I've a number of customers with offline retail stores in a little market.

Now, I will be working with 4 or 5 of them, setting up web sites and instructing them to operate their web sites themselves. And yes, it's a little market so they all understand each other and attend the same business trade shows.

Interestingly enough, because of how they've concentrated their online retailers, they're not straight competing with each other.

In each case, the attributes they want from a shopping cart option have differed.
Predicated on my recent encounters, below are a few of the variables that will be considered when selecting an e-commerce solution for a WordPress website:

Inventory Control

1) How essential is stock handle?
Evidently, this can be where attempting to sell digital products is completely different from attempting to sell physical products. I 've one customer for whom this is an important concern since she's selling one of a kind custom products. Most of my other clients are attempting to sell goods they have in inventory or that can be drop-shipped from the manufacturer, so this really isn't an problem.

2) Does inventory marketed online should be incorporated with things sold offline utilizing a Stage of Sale (cash sign-up) option?

I 've one customer concerned relating to this problem. She investigated a potential POS option, but determined to not invest in it at this time around. We're still discussing sensible techniques for her to manage this obstacle. My other customers aren't concerned, for an assortment of different grounds, including the quantity of inventory the carry in retailer and even, in one case, the shut proximity of a provider.


With physical products, shipping is an unpleasant reality. I 've one customer who's including Free S&H in her online store's Unique Marketing Position. I 've other customers who are finding transport in a number of different ways, including utilizing PayPal to manage it.
The most important variable of transport problems is having flexibility. In the instance of selecting a WordPress eCommerce plugin, my idea will be to locate a plug-in which will let you manage transportation choices on an item by item foundation.

Purchasing Multiples

Again, here is a significant difference between digital and physical products.
The idea will be to make the buying process as simple as possible using wordpress ecommerce plugins, in this situation by enabling the buyer to select how many things she needs to buy. Ideally, again, this should have the capacity to be executed on a product by product basis.

Well Known Plugins for WordPress Ecommerce

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin that is FREE and easy to setup use. This plugin has free and paid addons and extensions.

It is interesting to know you can also get extensions for WooCommerce cheaper here - This is because all WordPress products are licensed under GPL which means other websites can sell or give them away for next to nothing or free.

2. WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is yet another fantastic and free solution for anyone wanting to start an online store through their new or existing wordpress website.

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